November 14th, 2019 2:39am

Nowhere2Go shouts out Earl Sweatshirt ear-l double s the man Thebe, lord of lips


and one long day, i think
i'm spending time in the wrong places
asking why the long face?
baggy-eyed, got a tall plate
stacked it myself and now i gotta deal
with the stomach pains
did it for the hustle, and
now i bustle to run away
hide behind the thick leaf's smoke
we know
we just be doing it for relief

still just a jit with some brawn and a brain
and now i'm on a new wave
took me long enough to realize
that it's ok to be paving them
but my life is just a pawn in this shit
so i'm real confident
ask me how the cash flows going,
it's small positive
but if you think that mad hos flowing
i gotta be honest with ya...
and my homie acting highly elusive
like a recluse
and i'm confused...
but what am i gonna do about it?